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Interview with Dan Repas and more!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Today, we dropped our interview with Dan Repas. Great guy and talking about laid back – you’ll enjoy Dan and we’re glad to have him riding with us on the Greene’s Revenge journey.

Check out his interview here: or scroll down below and enjoy!

A special thanks to Chris Inman at Classic Strategic Media! He opened his doors to us and didn’t complain a bit when we went a few days (ok, maybe not days!) over our shoot time. Great guy. Learn more about CSM at

Our 1st Easter Egg Hunt kicks off tomorrow (Thursday), so stay tuned and register!

Talent wise, we are looking for a young lady to be our 3rd Assassin, here’s link to the call, in case you or someone you know may be interested.

Also, we are open to collaborating with you or organizations interested in product placement. There are a lot of items and services which can be featured in a film. Also, considering the musical nature of the film we are definitely interested in musicians who have pieces they would like to get out there in the universe. And, we are interested in ALL music genres. Not to say we are not interested in other creative folks (we are!). So, if interested, hit us up at

One last item: we will be promoting a major concert in June 2020 which will be featured in Greene’s Revenge, so stay tuned and let us know your favorite Old Skool R&B/Hip-Hop artists/groups.

And you can always check us out at


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