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Casting Calls

3 Brothers
an episodic drama

Call Details

*** CASTING CALL (updated March 2, 2022) ***

Initial Virtual Audition: Electronic Submission (Resume, Links to Reel/Clips). If you do not have a reel, you can record a short monologue and send the file or link.

Submissions: or email (

Shooting location: Greater Cleveland, Ohio

In-Person Audition Date: Scheduled as Needed

Rehearsals: March 12-13, 2022

Shooting dates: March 25 – April 2, 2022 (You will only be required to be on set for two days) 

Compensation Details: Modest. Non-union. Not to exceed Ultra Low SAG equivalent (New Media) + deferments for Lead and Supporting roles.

Production title: Three Brothers

Production type: Episodic Serial Drama Film

Logline: Residents battle the internal and external existential threats to themselves, their families, and their neighborhood. Vigilantes, drugs, hope, and even…farming, thread through the dynamic lives of the men, women, and children who fight to survive and thrive.

COVID: Until further notice, all cast/crew must be fully vaccinated or test negative on a PCR COVID test (72-hour window) or a negative antigen test (24-hour window) prior scheduled shoot dates. Temperatures will be taken daily during principal photography.

During auditions actors based on their interest (lead, supporting, bit, extra) ill perform a variety of sides for us to determine the best fit.

Role Names and Characteristics:

  • Maina Dupree (Black, Hispanic/Latina, First Nations Female (21-30). The girl-next-door, Maina is an intentional, under-the-radar researcher, vigilante.  The prospective actress should be in decent physical shape -- short sprints, able to jump over low obstacles, crawl, crouch, basically all the simple movements one would expect an assassin to achieve without being completely zonked out. 

  • Mary Rice (Black, Hispanic/Latina, First Nations Female (30-45). Mary is the undisputed boss of an extremely sophisticated, non-violent, international cartel. The prospective actress should be mature, calm, cool, and collected, and most importantly, classy.

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