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Casting Call: Female, 28 - 45, bilingual

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Limited Cast Call

We’ve had great success in identifying several talented NEO actors to fill most of the roles for our film project. However, there is one (1) role unfilled. Please see below for details.

Audition location: Electronic Submission (Resume, Head to Waist, Links to Clips) to

Shooting location: Cleveland, Ohio

Audition date: Open

Payment details: Modest Compensation plus deferrals.

Production title: Greene’s Revenge

Production type: Feature Film/Trailer

Logline: An up-and-coming millennial learns the hard way the importance of respect as his community resists the relentless assault of a Machiavellian-corporation and its Black Widow leader.


Female, 28 – 45. Arrowana “Noche” Malik. Ms. Malik is an extremely intelligent, constantly learning demolitions and small arms-expert assassin. Soft-spoken, but when she gets excited (or angry) she speaks in multiple languages. Physical Characteristics: Athletic-build.

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