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Interview with James Bellanca and more!

Today, we drop our first cast/crew interview. Get to know James Bellanca a little more intimately as he talks about his role in Greene’s Revenge, his military adventures (Semper Fi!) and his secret collaboration with the Black Panther!

Check out his interview here:

But, watch out James, Michelle Ekstein registered as a Master Blaster member this week! You’ve got a little competition happening, eh? In case the rest of you don’t know what a Master Blaster is, check it out here (

Sooooo…for the Holiday Spirit – since everybody will be bored just sitting home during the Break (right?) -- next week we’ll announce our first contest, so make sure you register to win. All we can say now it has to do with a little hidden gem in the trailer. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the link:

On the community-side of things, we are continuing to build our relationships with grassroots (emphasis on the “grassroots”!) organizations which are involved in substance recovery and helping folks fix-up their homes. Contact us at:

One last thing: if you haven’t done so, make sure you get down to Skeets and try some of those FULL wings!

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