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Before you read anything else, first you ought to see the quality of our work. 

Check out the Greene's Revenge trailer...

So here's how your membership works...

You register for one of the packages


After you register, we'll send you a simple code. When you reach out to your folks, give them the code. Now when they register, they will enter your code (or name) and you get your commission. But, get this, when they register someone, they follow th esame process  which means they get a commissions AND so do you.     

Say you tell Sam about the film project and he says, "Man, I want in!", not only do you get a commission from Sam's package, you get a commission from anybody that Sam gets to purchase a package.   

But wait, it gets even better!

Not only do you get a piece of Sam's (and his buddy's) membership, but you get a piece of anything and everything else they purchase!

Oops! Did we forget to mention the other cool stuff?

Our bad! See, this whole MAD Movement isn't just producing and watching one film. It's about more films, music sales, clothing, concerts and special events...even housing construction and rehab! What's so great about this film project, is if you see something, say a piece of clothing or a song you like, you can click on it and buy it -- right there while watching the film!

So, let's see how this could work for you. Let's say you tell just ten family, friends, book club members, church folks and the like. Then they tell ten folks and...well, you get the picture. Then let's say each person purchases $20 of stuff (and that's including their package fee!) from the dozens of items and experiences associated with our films and events. 

You could, just by telling those first ten folks, earn $2,000 - $3,000!

So, you may be thinking that's not a little chunk of change, where does it come from?

Well, this gets us into the whole movie distribution and marketing business. When one of those movies comes to your local theater, the company that made the movie has to pay for the movie to be shown AND it has to pay for all those commercials, billboards and social media stuff for you to know the movie even exists.

And, keep this in mind, those advertising and distribution fees are pretty big.

Think about this: When you hear about a movie costing 50, 60, 70 million dollars or more, usually a third to a half of that budget is for marketing and distribution costs. That's a lot of change!

So, instead of paying those fees to the advertisers and distributors we're giving it to YOU! 

One other thing which is kind of important about the the differences among the packages below.

So, we wanted to make it so that everybody could be a part of making this film and, of course, watching it. But, there are those of you who would like to get a bit more involved in our UNIVERSE! If you get the Honda Accord EX you're going to pay more than if you get the LX model. Right?

And, we're always trying to make it bigger and better. So, if you're paying a little bit more, you're also going to get a bigger chunk of the commissions from those you get involved!

So that's about it...a lot of good stuff! But if you have additional questions, just contact us and we'll be glad to give an excellent answer!

Otherwise, select one of the packages below and let's get your party started!


Keep in mind, if you would just like to make a simple donation and are not interested in receiving cash back, check out our Donation page 


consider getting the Ultimate Donor/WSE United package!  



  • Two (2) Movie Views
  • 10% Commissions from all Bronze, Silver & Gold Subscribers.*


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  • Three (3) Movie Views
  • 13% Commissions from all Bronze, Silver & Gold Subscribers.*

  • Automatic free entry into all Easter Egg and other exciting contests! 


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  • Unlimited Movie Views!
  • 25% Commission from all Silver, Gold & Gold Subscribers.*
  • Automatic free entry into all Easter Egg and other exciting contests!
  • Discounts on all merchandise.
  • VIP Status at Special Events!


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Our Mission

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. 

- Steve Jobs

Our Mission

Making & distributing exciting stories from independent film-makers and creatives, which change the world and make us all better!

Our Vision

Launching soul-changing experiences and supporting hundreds of talented, independent filmmakers and creatives as they bring their high quality productions to you and the world!

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