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Watch, Share & Earn!

Watch, Share and Earn (WSE!) is how we reward and thank our subscribers and supporters. Similar to a movie theater,  video kiosk (e.g. Redbox) or on-line (e.g. Netflix, HBO), you pay a small fee and watch your movie. But, here we do it a bit different. Instead of paying someone else to distribute and advertise the movie, we work from word-of-mouth: Soooooo, if you like the movie, you're going to tell someone else to watch it. And, if they do (and pay their little fee) you get paid!


Why do we do it like this? Because it leaves more money for the folks who created and made the movie  AND it rewards you for SPREADING THE WORD! Seems fair to us and that's we we did it that way.

Below are our Silver, Gold and Platinum VIP opportunities!




  • Two (2) Movie Views

  • Get paid from Silver Subscribers


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  • Three (3) Movie Views

  • Get paid from all Silver & Gold Subscribers

  • Automatic free entry into all Easter Egg and other exciting contests!


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  • Unlimited Movie Views!

  • Get paid from all Silver, Gold & Platinum Subscribers

  • Automatic free entry into all Easter Egg and other exciting contests!

  • Discounts on all merchandise.


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Keep in mind, if you would just like to make a simple donation, check out our Donation page

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. 

- Steve Jobs

Our Mission

Making & distributing exciting stories from independent film-makers and creatives, which change the world and make us all better!

Our Mission

Our Vision

Launching soul-changing experiences and supporting hundreds of talented, independent filmmakers and creatives as they bring their high quality productions to you and the world!

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