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1st Contest

Entries Accepted until Wednesday, March 18, 2020

No, this isn't about doing in people (smh). It's trying to figure out what the hell Leonardo and  Ahmad are arguing about in the short (down below).  The Winner get' a "walk-on", in other words you get to be in the movie!


"What The Heck are They Arguing About?" Contest

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What's the Prize:

A walk-on in either Greene's Revenge or The Assassin Movies.

How does the Contest Work?

  1. Watch the short film below

  2. Guess what Ahmad and Leonardo are arguing about

  3. Submit your answer on the webform (below the video).



  • The contest starts, well….if you’re reading this it already started!

  • The contest ends 11:59am (EST) on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

  • The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

  • Your answer has to be typed into the The Assassin's "What the Hell are They Talking About?" submission webform (it's after the video box, below). You can only submit one (1) answer.

  • If we get multiple correct answers, then the winner for the ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE will be selected by a drawing of all the correct answers. Not anymore --- Now it's first correct answer wins!

  • The correct answer requires you to provide the topic in like 15 words or less -- you can go over, but shorter is preferred...we all have day jobs!). 

  • Cheating. OK, don’t do it. Remember, only one submission and we reserve the right to disqualify anyone who we feel is violating the rules and/or spirit of the contest. And we also reserve the right to modify or clarify these rules just in case you over-industrious, Einstein-types figure out some sneaky way to try to game the contest.  

  • And yes, members of the cast and crew CAN'T/CAN NOT participate -- Not that they have any inside knowledge on the clue/answer, but this is what all the other contests (which we copied off of) say in their rules. NO SHAME!


If you have any questions just shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to answer without compromising the integrity of the contest or embarrassing you...too much!


Bonne Chance!

Learn More about us and Greene's Revenge -- the Movie 2B!

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