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Our Current Projects

Admittedly, we are all over the place: from outdoor recreation to health care services to reality game shows, we're always interested in expanding our experiences and the positive impact we can have in the world!

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"Keepin' It Real", funded by the Cleveland Clinic with support from Burten, Bell, Carr, CDC, and Slavic Village Development Corporation, shares the interesting and sometimes infuriating histories of Garden Valley, Slavic Village, and Ohio's iconic Sidaway Bridge.


GRIT is the competitive mind/body experience which rewards the versatile player and strategic thinker. Whether its sports, videogaming, STEM, tabletop gaming, or the whole kit-n-kaboodle (a gumbo of everything!), GRIT takes the GOAT to a whole different dimension!

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3 Brothers

So often in our diverse and global communities (and their histories) the stories focus on the exploits and adventures of men. 3 Brothers, despite its name, tells the stories of the women (young and not so young) who made it possible, often with little acknowledgment or credit.


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